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Wispy black hair covered her tawny face as she gazed into Mateo’s calloused hand; she moved her crimson-painted nails across the longest line.

“Woman, do not mock me with that love line crap. I paid you. Dimitri said you were the one I needed to see,” he said, chewing on the end of a half smoked cigar.

Her serpentine eyes looked deeply into his own brown ones; he shivered struggling to keep his hand in her smooth, cold one.

“Death awaits you in Renaissance, handsome stranger. Or perhaps you wish to hear about how you will find riches in the old Miller house before the creatures ran them out of town? Or maybe, a long life awaits you, who knows?” the healer said pulling out a silver needle and taut black string.

“Hah, death,” he said.

“Hold still,” she said her grip tightening.

Mateo winced crushing his teeth against the shell of the cigar. His skin felt cold as the sweat formed on his forehead and arm. He should have never taken that dare at the tavern.

“I hope you won. Not many people can catch a knife with their palm,” she said.

“What can I say, I am the greatest, Witch.”

“I am no itch. I am a healer, a Curandera transplanted here from afar. My name is Tanara,” she answered sliding the thick string through the loop.

He watched as she slid the needle into a mixture of foul smelling bottle before lighting it ablaze.

“Hand,” she said

He poured a drink from the liquor bottle she had perched in front of him; it burned his throat making his pain subside.

“Now,” she said

He placed his hand under the lamp watching as the silver needle entered his sliced flesh; each stitch pulled causing him discomfort.

“So, Tanara, what else is there to do in this back water town in the middle of nowhere?”

“You have jokes. Renaissance has survived through the decades but few can handle the winters here. I am surprised you even decided to take a chance here. the city must be boring this time of year,” she said, sliding the needle in and out as if she was cross-stitching a pillow.

“Yea, the city is not for me right now.”

“Only two reasons someone would risk traveling to Renaissance.”

“What would those be, witch?”

“One,” she said pulling the needle and thread into a knot, “your searching for something”.

“Dam,” he said clenching his teeth as the thread tugged the wound.

“Two, you are running away,” she said

Mateo pulled his hand away, placed a hundred dollars on the table, and walked out.

447 words


Character introduction: Tanara Molina, local mystic, Mateo Rivera, unknown Traveler, Dimitri Miller, rich local.

Topics I was thinking of was : There is a sense of impending doom and there is a humorous circumstance as if catching a knife in the palm is funny.